Jini Patel Thompson is the inventor and formulator of Absorb Plus. Previously diagnosed with widespread Crohn’s Disease, Jini has remained completely drug and surgery-free for over 26 years. Here’s how she came to formulate Absorb Plus as part of her healing journey…

After a bout of severe intestinal hemorrhaging, Jini’s weight dropped to 99 pounds (she’s 5’7″) and her albumin levels showed she was severely malnourished. After receiving a blood transfusion, her doctor advised complete bowel rest – to allow the intestine to heal. Continuing to eat regular food simply re-opened the wounds and started the bleeding again. Therefore, her nutrition needed to come from a completely pre-digested (elemental) liquid source.

Jini tried each of the elemental (pre-digested) products provided by the hospital, but found the taste and ingredient list unacceptable. Rather than undergoing an operation to have a tube inserted in her stomach and the elemental products pumped in, she set out to find a natural, healthy, alternative.

After an extensive search of health stores and the Internet, Jini devised her own elemental formula by mixing together 6 different products. She did this 8-9 times a day to give her body the nutrients it needed in elemental (pre-digested for maximum absorption) form. Using this formula, Jini gained 36 pounds of solid weight (not fat) in six weeks and her albumin levels were restored to normal.

Jini Patel Thompson

Jini Patel Thompson

Jini went from being so weak she could barely move around her apartment, to cycling and lifting weights at the gym by the end of the six weeks at a healthy weight of 135 pounds.

Jini included directions for mixing up these elemental shakes in the first edition of her book Listen To Your Gut. In addition, as word spread through family and friends, people with a variety of afflictions (cancer/chemotherapy, trigeminal neuralgia, age-related malnutrition and loss of appetite, etc.) began contacting Jini for her weight gain and maintenance program.

However, many of these people and her readers commented that they found it too difficult and time-consuming to mix together so many different products. Having done it herself, Jini could sympathize with them!

Fortunately, a year later, she met one of the original founders of Imix Nutrition and he asked her to replicate her formula in one product. She happily agreed and the result is Absorb Plus.

Following the formulation of Absorb Plus, Jini wrote a second book to give her readers detailed instructions on using and following an elemental diet to induce disease remission, rejuvenate the immune system, repopulate the gut flora (with good bacteria), and provide ongoing, long-term health. This book is called The IBD Remission Diet.

We know of no other product comparable to Absorb Plus in quality and composition, that is also 100% elemental (completely pre-digested for maximum absorption). In addition, our own trials, and letters from our customers show that Absorb Plus really works.

Absorb Plus tastes better, mixes better, absorbs faster, is better tolerated, is natural, and is not just fat and sugar!

Absorb Plus – The Difference

Most elemental weight gain / maintenance products are available only in hospitals, pharmacies, or on prescription from your doctor. They are composed predominantly of moderate to low-quality fat (oil) and sugar. Unfortunately, the weight that is gained from these products tends to reflect the key components – i.e. fat.

It is very difficult to drink a sufficient amount of calories from these products as many people simply can’t tolerate the high oil content, or the taste. In addition, most contain artificial flavors and sweeteners – which research has shown to be harmful to the body. For people in extreme states of malnutrition, these products are usually pumped directly into the stomach via a ‘shunt’ or tube inserted through the skin into the stomach itself due to their unpalatable taste and composition.

There are many whey protein or food supplement products on the shelf in health stores or natural food stores, but they are rarely elemental (pre-digested) and thus they are less easily absorbed and can’t be used for an elemental diet. And they too usually contain artificial flavors and sweeteners.

In contrast, Absorb Plus is composed of natural ingredients, flavors and sweeteners in completely elemental (pre-digested) form.

Our customers constantly comment on how light and fresh tasting Absorb Plus is and we even have completely healthy people using it as their daily breakfast shake just because it’s such a nutritious, great-tasting product!

Absorb Plus contains no oil so it’s ideal for people with a fat intolerance. But we do encourage people to add the amount of Udo’s Oil, or, organic flax oil that they can tolerate (between 1 tsp to 1 tbsp. per shake) to reap the benefits of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) and anti-inflammatory action of the Omega-3s contained in this good fat.

Due to the quality nutrition contained in Absorb Plus, you’ll gain solid weight (muscle, not fat!) if that’s your goal – of course, you can also use Absorb Plus to simply maintain your existing weight, or, you can use it to lose weight whilst maintaining a healthy intake of nutrients.