Many of our clients are not in North America. With the globalization of our world, nowhere is this more apparent than in healthcare.

As the retail customer becomes more knowledgeable and empowered about his/her own health, they are not content to just “do what the doctor says”. People do their own research, they self-diagnose, they listen to their own body wisdom. And, not surprisingly, they are willing to pay to order what they need.

Maybe you’ve noticed that people in your country are really interested in a certain product or substance, but it is not available locally, so everyone is ordering overseas and paying high shipping charges. What if you could provide that product locally? And even offer free shipping to encourage bulk buying?

If you’re thinking along those lines, then here are the considerations:

1. Does the product need to be temperature and humidity-controlled during shipping? This will increase the cost of shipping substantially. You can also purchase data recorders that can be put in with your order that will track the temperature and humidity during the trip so you can ensure your desired environment was maintained and your product will arrive in good shape.

2. If the product contains ingredients that denature with heat or light, then you should arrange for the product to be tested again when it arrives, to ensure it still meets label claims.

3. It’s always worth it to price out shipping in bulk and packaging/labeling in your country, versus having us do it all for you. Don’t assume one way is cheaper than the other!

4. Paperwork and import regulations should be processed FIRST, before you even place your order. Certain ingredients or amounts may not be legal in your country. And this process will likely take months longer than you expect!

5. Always get shipping quotes from at least 3 companies and pick the one you feel the most confidence in. If they are significantly higher in price, then tell them about the other quotes and ask them if there’s anything they can do for you. Be nice, be friendly, but ask for what you want.