What Is Private Label?

Please contact us if you would like to discuss private labelling. We are happy to manufacture one of our products for you with your own private label affixed. This means you do not use our label, but you create/design your own label (using our template) with your own product name, branding, company name, etc.

  • Private Label is a way for you to establish your brand, gain credibility, or position yourself in the marketplace; without incurring the high up-front costs of manufacturing a product from scratch yourself.
  • Minimum Order for powdered shake products: 1000 tubs of EACH FLAVOR, or 1000 kg bulk powder (each flavor) packed into 75 kg drums.
  • Minimum Order for supplements: 500 units.
  • Price per unit: Available upon request – please email us.
  • You can set your retail price at whatever you wish.
  • You would need to come up with your own NAME for your private label product (e.g. you cannot call it Absorb Plus) and your own label information regarding usage, claims, etc.
  • We would provide you with a Template Label with the Supplement Facts box in place. All other branding and label information required to make the product legally compliant with health regulations in your country are your exclusive responsibility. You cannot copy/paste the information from our labels, you must come up with your own wording for everything.
  • You are not allowed to disclose any association with our brands or product names in any way (label, brochure, website, etc.). You will be required to sign a Private Label Agreement.
  • You would be responsible for all label production, printing and delivery of your labels to our facility.
  • We would produce the product in our manufacturing facility and afix your labels to each unit.
  • If you choose to package and label yourselves, we could ship the bulk powder or capsules in drums to your facility (4 drums per palette). We provide the dock to pick up the material, commercial invoice, standard bill of lading, and Certificates of Analysis. We can also refer you to ocean cargo carriers that specialize in this area.
  • Standard lead time from date of order to finished product is 6-7 weeks, but will be confirmed based on raw material availability.
  • We would require 60% upfront payment and 40% FOB before shipping to your warehouse. We pack and prepare your order for shipment. You pay for all shipping costs (customs, taxes, etc.) to your warehouse.

PROS of Private Label:

  • You can launch your own branded supplements very quickly and easily; allowing you to build the reputation of your name or clinic
  • New customers or clients may hear about you by seeing one of your supplements at a friend’s house
  • Your brand or clinic looks bigger and more successful because you have your own line of supplements
  • You make more profit per unit sold than wholesale

CONS of Private Label:

  • You are legally responsible for FDA (or your country’s) compliance of both your label and the contents of the supplement. We can guide you based on our experience, but the legal responsibility lies with you in the event of any issues, or litigation
  • Minimum product runs are significantly higher than if you were to just wholesale the same product from us; which means more up-front investment from you and you will likely have to store more inventory at your premises
  • You have to plan your orders in advance as production lead times vary from 6-8 weeks. This means you have to take the risk in making sure you order enough product to supply your clients/customers, but not too much that you are left holding stock for a year or more

Here is a good summary article of the pros & cons of private labelling supplements from a chiropractor who has done so before. But of course, we are happy to discuss it with you and help you hash out which is the best option (private label or wholesale) for your business/practice at this time – just contact us!