Customized Formulas

Let us help you create your own products:

• Have an idea, but need help formulating the finished product?
• Like one of our products, but want to tweak/change it a bit?
• Have an objective, but need a solution formulated from scratch?

Minimum Order for powdered shake products: 2000 1 kg tubs, or 2000 kg bulk powder packed into 75 kg drums.
Minimum Order for supplements: 1000 units.

Price per unit: Available upon request – please email us.

After helping you formulate, or customize one of our formulas, we would produce the product in our manufacturing facility and afix your labels to each unit.

If you choose to package and label yourselves, we could ship the bulk powder or capsules in drums to your facility (4 drums per palette). We provide the dock to pick up the material, commercial invoice, standard bill of lading, and Certificates of Analysis. We can also refer you to ocean cargo carriers that specialize in this area.

  • Standard lead time from date of order to finished product is 6-12 weeks, but will be confirmed based on raw material availability.
  • We would require 100% upfront payment for your first order. Thereafter, we require 70% upfront payment and 30% FOB before shipping to your warehouse.
  • We pack and prepare your order for shipment. You pay for all shipping costs (customs, taxes, etc.) to your warehouse.
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