Here at Imix Nutrition we walk a fine line between responding to consumers fears about the latest trending villainous foods – and not fixing what ain’t broke!

We thoroughly research any concerns, or new research reports, and sometimes we will indeed switch a substance to a form that provides better absorption or utilization.

We recognize that – unlike Coca-Cola’s formula – health products need to improve alongside scientific research and discovery.

For example, unless you want to facilitate bowel movements, you are better off using the mineral ascorbate forms of vitamin C, rather than ascorbic acid. If you wish to produce a top quality, bioavailable health product, then you should select raw materials in their natural forms; extracted using natural methods.

On the other hand, sometimes poor science and the media team up to create a misinformed frenzy. In cases like that, we will stick to the decades of solid research behind a substance’s benefits and let the media storm run itself out. We are not going to alter a product that is working well for people just to cater to the latest food fear!