At Imix Nutrition we are passionate about natural health and excited to help people live healthier, freer lives with more enjoyment.


Because when people are healthy enough to do the things they love, they get a whole lot more out of life!

In our formulas we try to use certified organic ingredients whenever we can (unless the price puts them out of range of the people who need them). We also try to use natural-source extractions and natural fermentation processes wherever possible. Because we believe mother nature has much greater wisdom than even the brainiest human.

ian-gravatarOur CEO is Ian Thompson, who is a former advertising and marketing executive from the UK and Hong Kong. He has worked with clients like British Airways, Dr. Scholl’s and Hong Kong Telecom. He then set up his own advertising firm in 1995 in Vancouver, until he decided to leave his downtown office and help his wife Jini in her health business – when her readers demanded an online health store in 2002.

And thus Ian changed focus to managing and manufacturing health products; initially for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease market and later expanding to other markets with similar health needs and challenges. Needless to say, his former marketing background has been invaluable for branding and positioning products for maximum impact. And his advertising background managing numerous big clients on tight production schedules slots right into managing health product sourcing, production lead times and ensuring timely and top quality output.

Ian loves to chat, brainstorm and make connections – he is a cheeky Brit with loads of energy and lots of laughter, so reach out and let’s discuss your needs or ideas:

ian [at]